Tuesday, May 31, 2011

5/15/2011: Jungle Green

Meet Rat.
This was our guide when Mark and I took the Coopertown Air Boat ride into the Everglades. He was more entertaining than the gators we saw. I loved every minute we spent with him. Before getting into the boat, I asked him which seat was the best place to sit. He quickly replied, "Why seated next to me of course". It was a done deal. I rode shotgun to a man that honestly owned a shot gun among other things. He was about as authentic as they come right down to the gold plated air boat medallion he was wearing. Mark sat in front of us as we took turns driving our air boat. It was a nice change from the glitz and glam from Miami to head into the bayou. We had a fantastic tour on the air boat. Although the sun was strong and didnt help the situation with our sunburns.
Appearantly, the state of Florida hadn't seen any rain since January and this area in particular had record lows of water levels. The drought seemed to be effecting the Everglades to our favor because as a result all of the gators were in one spot. I dont think I've ever seen sooo many gators of all sizes. They were all around us! It was soo neat. If you're ever in the Everglade area, I highly recommend Cooperstown Air Boat rides, and ask for Rat. You won't be disappointed!

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