Tuesday, May 31, 2011

4/24/2011: Gold

Mark and I were able to get away for a much needed April vacation. It was a last minute trip put together quickly. We ended up finding a great deal online through Booking Buddy. We had our round trip (direct) flights, hotel stay, and a rental car all bundled for an affordable price.

Before the trip, I purchased a new camera case that's been more convienent to use and store my camera. (At Christmas, the camera came with a bulky Nikon case that holds both lenses, the camera base, as well as other compartments. It's been a pain to lug that around. I've been looking around online at styles that I like, and found several Lowepro cases that fit my bill. I found a good deal at Best Buy and picked up the case before our flight out. So far so good, it's been great.
I also stopped by Ritz Camera and spoke to them about purchasing a UV lens to go over my lens to protect it. I read up online that it's an essential and no brainer, as they cost about $10 and will save the heartbreak of a cracked or broken lens. Should the camera drop, this often protects the lens. I picked one of those bad boys up, as well as a polarizer and diffuser. I think it will be fun to play around with these new additions. The associate at Ritz was very friendly and extremely knowledgeable about the products and my camera.
While on the trip, I took a TON of pictures, here is my pic for gold. We took a walk by all the high rise hotels and this was one of the grand entrances to one of the older hotels on Miami Beach.

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